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上个月下旬,“知名”廉价VPS商家AlphaRacks失联,赵容部落也在月底写过一篇“关于VPS主机使用中的风险和部分注意事项”短文,后期商家各种剧情,可谓死而不僵,扑朔迷离,本月13号,商家正式发布了“Officially closing doors. Out of business”邮件通知,标志着商家正式关闭,不过除了给了几个推介连接外,遗憾的是没有提到任何的退款和数据处理问题。

After over a decade in business we regret to inform you that AlphaRacks is officially closing its doors. Given the recent outage that exceeded the provisions and financial capabilities of our disaster recovery plan, AlphaRacks will no longer be providing services. We were a budget focused VPS provider, which did not leave room for additional options financially within our disaster recovery plans. 
We have contacted various different VPS hosting companies to attempt to establish a transfer agreement that is in accordance to our privacy policy. In addition, some of the below providers have reached out to us offering assistance / credit for our customers. 
Below are other budget VPS providers that should provide you with a suitable new home for your VPS needs: 
Dr Server 
Altus Host 
PSK Hosting 
We would like to thank our customers for a great decade of your Business and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

昨天,又收到AlphaRacks邮件提及的商家PSK Hosting邮件:


We have been attempting to help customers migrate to us with free months of service. We noticed that customers are now struggling to obtain invoices through the Alpharacks website as it is now offline, so we were unable to validate customer pricing, duration of service remaining and some customers do not recall which plan they were on.

PSK Hosting is inviting those who have been impacted by the recent issues at Alpharacks to explore our rescue effort. As one of several providers contacted by Alpharacks, we have agreed to help affected former clients obtain reliable hosting services. We’ve obtained the client list from Alpharacks and have changed our initial affiliate agreement terms with them to better help former Alpharacks customers.

We cannot guarantee that we can fully match the previous rates Alpharacks were providing but we will be competitive. Please contact us if you do not a see a plan on our website that suits your needs.

You may use the same login you had previously used, or  request a new PSK Hosting login.

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions. We are here to help as best we can in this rescue effort.

Sincerely Yours,

由上可知PSK Hosting已经获取了AlphaRacks的客户信息,我试过登录我的账户,里面没有任何产品、余额等,仅账户(要知道我之前在AlphaRacks有超过6台年付未到期VPS主机及部分余额),正如我本文中的这张图一样,合理的利润是保障可持续运行的基础,正经站点或者重要数据建议选择相对靠谱一些的商家,比如最近正在进行秒杀活动的腾讯云(活动详情),国内大厂,价格不高速度不错。但是正如我经常提醒大家的,使用任何一家的产品,均要保持良好的备份习惯,服务器也是机器,无法保证不出故障,包括阵列卡不是保证你的数据安全的。最后提醒大家,虽然PSK Hosting拿到了AlphaRacks的客户信息,并发送了邮件,但这家什么情况大家也并不了解,建议选择其他熟悉商家!


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