Linode将关闭传统管理面板 新cloud面板一览

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说实在的,Linode对于新面板的测试时间够久了,毕竟Cloud Manager管理系统在2014年就开发了,也一直访问,到现在才通知原传统面板即将关闭的信息。新的面板相对于传统面板改变还是比较明显的,今天我们就一起来看看新的管理面板(Cloud Manager)的界面。先来一张传统管理面板:



Our legacy Linode Manager will be decommissioned on January 31, 2020. After that time, you will be automatically redirected to the Cloud Manager when logging in to manage your infrastructure on Linode.

As a valued customer, we want to make this transition as smooth as possible. Many of the features currently available in Classic are available in the new Cloud Manager interface.

Longview monitoring is not currently available in Cloud Manager. Our plans are to transition this feature prior to January 2020. Additionally, we will continue to support APIv3 and the APIv3-based CLI beyond January 31, 2020.

There have been substantial updates to Cloud Manager since it was introduced back in 2014. Cloud Manager has many new features, including an updated look-and-feel, modern user-interface, mobile support, and easy access to our recently released products. It’s also implemented solely atop our public APIv4.


Cloud Manager地址:


根据官方通知,传统面板将在1月31日正式关闭,不过对用户使用并没有影响,用户在之后访问面板也会自动跳转到新的Cloud Manager页面登录,所以,持有产品的读者还是尽快熟悉新的管理面板吧。


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Linode将关闭传统管理面板 新cloud面板一览:等您坐沙发呢!